Sacred Flames two hours workshop 5
Crystal Cup
名額: 1/50
課程編號: 02102015-5 時間: 02/10/2015 1:15-3:15
開課日期: ---
Understanding Crystal Cup, Crystal Angels, Crystal Amour, Crystal Flame, Crystal Temple

When we travel to a foreign country, we find out what there is to see and learn.

As we travel in the higher realms, we also find out what there is to see and learn.

We have already experienced the Power of the Crystal Cup and we will learn more.
We will find out how we can place the Crystal Amour around us and our homes.
The crystal cap does so much to protect the brain. We will find out how to use it.
We will learn some about the Crystal Angels and the Crystal Flame, We will do a meditation where we go to the Crystal Temple.

These are powerful tools that we can use in our life here and now to protect and heal.
導師 : Donna Cercone
講授語言 : English Only
費用 : 500
上課地點 : Prudential Hotel
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傳真 : ---
學員注意 : 如參加1-6個工作坊祗需收費HK$2500並可同時獲贈2張8x12最新全息圖
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