Sacred Flames Two Hours Workshop 1
Deeper Clearing
名額: 1/50
課程編號: 01102015-1 時間: 2 hours
開課日期: 01/10/2015 10:00-12:00
During the Clearing Classes, we will check each person who is there to see what they need to clear next and then give them the space to do that.
The clearings will be individual. Some may be working on clearing limitations, some on clearing astrology. It all depends on each person.

We will monitor them during the process and then record it in the back of the 4 Pillars of Healing book.
We most possibly will have time for at least 2 clearings per class. If you choose to come to all 3 classes - that will allow you to do some deep clearing and healing.

The more we clear, the more light we can carry, the happier our lives are, the more everything in our lives works better and better.

If you can, it would be wise to come to all 3 clearing classes.
導師 : Donna Cercone
講授語言 : English Only
費用 : 500
上課地點 : Prudential Hotel
電話 : ---
傳真 : ---
學員注意 : 如參加1-6個工作坊祗需收費HK$2500並可同時獲得2張8x11"最新全息圖
備註 : ---