Deeper Cleaning
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課程編號: 28092015 時間: 6 hours
開課日期: 28/09/2015
1. Deep Clearing

During the Clearing Classes, we will check each person who is there to see what they need to clear next and then give them the space to do that.

The clearings will be individual. Some may be working on clearing limitations, some on clearing astrology. It all depends on each person.
We will monitor them during the process and then record it in the back of the 4 Pillars of Healing book.
We most possibly will have time for at least 2 clearings per class. If you choose to come to all 3 classes - that will allow you to do some deep clearing and healing.
The more we clear, the more light we can carry, the happier our lives are, the more everything in our lives works better and better.

If you can, it would be wise to come to all 3 clearing classes.

2) Working with the Sacred Fire

What does it mean to have our world be the world of the Sacred Fire?
Mankind must understand the Cosmic Fire, must know it, must use it! Mankind must blaze this Cosmic Fire everywhere until there is only perfection on earth.

This class is another opportunity to learn more about the Christer/God Universe.
Why have we not heard of this before? The knowledge was only brought back to the planet in about 1930 and since then people are starting to learn.
The Cosmic Christ Fire is the Sacred Fire that acts within our whole system of the universe.
We can learn to use it to free and bless all life on this globe. It is a magnetic Power that can only be used for positive.
It also strengthens us, it consumes our human limitations, it frees us from outside influences that are not for our good. It is a most powerful healing Fire that the Flames come from.

Learn about it and how to make your lives and the lives of people you love, better.

Learn how to use it for your city, country and world.

3. Divine Romance

What does it mean to be in love with the Divine? How does that affect our life?
One of the greatest Romances in the world is the Divine Romance. This Romance brings us the greatest joy, abundance and everything that we could ever desire.
Think of being a king or a queen and having everything you ever need at your fingertips - the Divine Romance is a million times greater. Not only does it provide for the physical, but it heals our soul and all of our bodies. The joy and peace that comes from that is beyond the understanding of man.

With the Divine Romance, we live and travel in the Divine Country where everyone is safe and we spread that out to where we live now.

導師 : Donna Cercone
講授語言 : English
費用 : 1500
上課地點 : Prudential Hotel
電話 : 852-29100550
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