Archangel Retreat
名額: 1/60
課程編號: 25092015 時間: 6 hours
開課日期: 25/09/2015
This workshop is the just the beginning of getting acquainted with them and how They can work in our lives, help us heal and help us to heal Nature.

We are getting acquainted with some of our Cosmic Friends. Just as if we travelled to a foreign country - we would have to get acquainted with new people, so now we are traveling to a new space and there are many wonderful Cosmic Beings that we have never heard of and we have the opportunity to become acquainted.

They are also looking forward to meeting us. They have been waiting for this for a long time.

How do we know if They are good or not? First of all, just as when we travel to a foreign country, we learn what to be careful of and who to trust - so here, we give the command that they work with the Law of Divine Love and for our highest and best good.

Take the time in this workshop to experience the Angels, the Archangels and their tremendous healing power.

Archangel Retreat:

1. Learn about the different kinds of Angels.
2. Learn more about having the Angels and Archangels work with us each day.
3. Work with the Angels of Wisdom
4. Work with the Blue Flame Angels
5. Work with the Violet Flame Angels
6. Understand how we can better work with the Archangels and Angels to help the earth, ourselves and our families.
7. Receive a special blessing from the Archangels that affects our whole lives.
8. Special Meditations
導師 : Donna Cercone
講授語言 : English/Mardarin
費用 : HK$1500
Refund 1 pc of Large Hologram
上課地點 : Prudential Hotel
電話 : 852-29100550
傳真 : ---
學員注意 : ---
備註 : 1)學費回贈8x11吋神秘愛之星火焰圖