The Sacred Flames 6 hours Retreat
神聖火焰6小時靜修 - 網上課程
名額: 79/80
課程編號: 12112017 時間: 7 hours
開課日期: 12/11/2017 9:00am - 3:00pm
One day (6-hour) retreat with the Sacred Flames.

During this day, we will touch on 3 topics.
1. The 7 sacred weeks before Christmas and how we can bring those Divine Energies into our lives and thus prepare better for 2018.
我們如何於聖誕節前的七個神聖星期的 日子為自己的生命帶來神聖的力量,同時為2018年作美好的準備。

2. Divine Harmony - What is it about this Sacred Flame that is so critical in our lives, in our health, in our world. How can we work with this Sacred Flame with greater understanding.
神聖和諧 - 這究竟是一個甚麼的神聖火焰,它對於我們的生活,我們的健康以及我們的世界是何等的重要。我們如何能夠對和諧火焰有更深入的認識並與之合作。

3. Cosmic Christ Fire from the Great Central Sun - what is it, how do we work with it, how do we become more and more Masters as we walk on the Path of the Sacred Flames, on the Path connecting us deeper and deeper with our I AM Presence, the highest Divine Source of Light and Love.
來自中央大曰的宇宙基督之火 - 它究竟是甚麼,我們如何去應用它,我們步進神聖火焰的大道,如何能深入去掌握並與最高愛與光的源頭(I AM Presence)更進一步的連接。

This day of retreat is an excellent time to either learn more or go deeper and keep learning how we can manifest in our lives what we wish to be there.

導師 : Donna Cercone
講授語言 : English/Cantonese
費用 : 880
上課地點 : HKMA Conference Centre
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