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Pentanalogy year end meeting
名額: 49/50
課程編號: 11122016 時間: 2 hours
開課日期: 11 Dec 2016 7:00-9:00 pm
Dear Student,

You will find below what was communicated on December 2015 during the special End-of-year Pentanalogy meeting regarding the Year 2016:

"Politics, diplomacy, and the business world could look like a poker game in a back room in Chicago. Everyone tries to fight the other with tricks and tricks to triumph. Everyone tries his luck and if we lose, we recover quickly and start again.

The spirit goes beyond the limits set and explores new angles, new possibilities even if the rules of loyalty and integrity are not always respected.

One counts on oneself and one hides one's game in the illusion of being thus protected ..."

You are certainly asking yourself the question: "And 2017? Will it be a year of harmony because the mind is 8? But this 8, can it control the need for individuality of the 1 and the 7? 2016 gave us the opportunity to explore our individuality, 2017 invites us to focus more on our community…

Soon, the energy of the year 8 will come into force. We remain in a transitional phase, but qualities such as patience, team spirit, the expression of the heart's intelligence, love can awaken more and the individual vibration rate can increase despite all Suffering that exists. Even if the transition is not over, 2017 will be synonymous with vibratory change. It invites us to awaken the power of our soul, the inner light. The soul will know better how to find its keys for healing, to meet the fullness, to grow ...
To find out more, join our End-of-year Pentanalogy meeting.

➢ Increase the awareness and gain more clarity in front of the collective mind and programs

➢ 2016 has clarified many questions about who we really are and why life is like it is. In 2017, it's time to get to work and to evolve!

➢ Welcoming 2017 to awaken the inner power.

➢ Discover your personal healing code

Let us remember that the position of the 8 symbolizes the start of the ascension in the pentagram. It is time to increase the inner light.

May 2017 bring us more satisfaction and joy; we are all co-creators of the new consciousness and have to contribute TOGETHER to reach this vision.

Happy to tell you more about it soon.
Lydia & Philippe
導師 : Lydia Bosson
講授語言 : English
費用 : HK$680
上課地點 : Rm1905 and Rm603
電話 : 29100550
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