The Path of Mastery 名額: 1/40
課程編號: 17012016 時間: 30 hours
開課日期: 17/01/2017 9:00 - 12:00 am
What are we on Earth for?

✨We are here to learn to become Masters, to move into our Divine Birthright.

✨We are also here to bring heaven to earth and what a gift that is.

✨We are here to create beauty, harmony and expand the Love from the Great Central sun.

✨We are here to live lives of tremendous success, joy and everything that we desire.

Living with the Sacred Flames Classes - the classes for 2016
1. We will continue to explore how to heal and move into the above ideas.

2. Learning about the different Flames

3. Learning how to heal even more deeply all areas of our lives

4. Rebuilding our bodies and bringing ourselves into Divine Health.

5. Bringing back the abilities and powers we were created with.

Each monthly class will have workbook material, reading material and meditations.

Why are we doing these classes?

✨In order to bring heaven to earth we need to be able to heal Nature.

✨We need to be able to bring the opulence of the Divine into our lives.

✨We need to have the Abilities here on earth that are needed to create heaven on earth.

✨We need to live with Divine Wisdom and Discernment.

✨We need to live with Divine Harmony and Love.

✨We need to transmute and transform what is not in Divine Harmony and Purity.

What does this do for us?

We become who we were created to be - Beings of Divine Light and Love.

We are on the path toward our own Mastery.

We are in alignment with our Divine Plan which always includes the highest good for all lifeforms.
We are filled with a most beautiful peace and joy.
Our lives work beautifully.
We are creating heaven on earth.
We are able to help others.
These 10 classes will then prepare us for the special workshops in November: 1. Moving into the Christ Consciousness - which is our birthright. For Buddhists, this is where there Buddha moved into also. The Christ consciousness is the consciousness of the I AM Presence, the abilities and powers that we had when we were in that place and it is time to bring them here.

2. Learning much more the Angels of the Sacred Flames and how to live with them in our lives.

3. Special workshops on healing the other bodies that we have.
4. Other classes to come.

These classes will build one on the other. It is a tremendous opportunity to learn far more, grow deeply and have our lives reflect the inner changes that we are going through.
導師 : Donna Cercone
講授語言 : English/Chinese
費用 : 5500
上課地點 : Rm1905, 102 Austin Road, TST
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