The Mastery of Sacred Flame Hologram
- Level Two
名額: 1/30
課程編號: 29112014 時間: 16 hours
開課日期: 29/30 November 2014
Day 1

1. What are we here on earth for?
2. What are the 4 Pillars of Healing?
3. Why are the Sacred Flames here now?
4. What frequencies do we need in order to heal what we are experiencing on earth?
5. Who are some of the Cosmic Beings that are helping earth and how can we work with them?
6. How to raise the frequencies in our home and the homes of others that we may be called upon to do.
7. The 4 levels of healing and growth into personal mastery.
End Day 1 with a special initiation meditation.

Day 2

1. Order of Clearing and Healing
2. Critical importance of helping to heal Nature.
3. How to check our own frequencies.
4. How to use the Check System.
5. How to work the protocol of the "4 Blues."
6. How to work with clients and helping them achieve their goal of healing. on all Levels.
7. Understanding of contracts and agreements that we may have made in other life times and how to complete them so that we can move ahead.
8. How to heal trauma in about 1 hour.
9. Closing Meditation
導師 : Donna Cercone
講授語言 : English/Manderine
費用 : 3800
上課地點 : Prudential Hotel
電話 : 852-9100550
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