Sharing with joy
名額: 1/20
課程編號: 19082013 時間: 2小時
開課日期: 2013
Thank God we have done our mission impossible.
We have broke the arrow with our throat.
We have walked on the fire
We left our fear in Swiss.
And bring with our new life values. We gain new method to see our future in life and lots of new oils to play with.
And our Dearest Friends
we will have our free sharing in our school on 19 August, Since we are the one.
And oneness.. Is the crown chakra basic need.
Our group was washed by holy light and I hope the new me or "we" can bring the light for our family and friends.
And we will celebrate with love and joy later and see you all soon.
And this is the happy ending of our Swiss Workshop
導師 : Fonnie Wong
講授語言 : Cantonese
費用 : Free
上課地點 : Rm1905, 19/F, 102 Austin Road, TST
電話 : 852-29100550
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